Highlights of the Haute Route – Cabane de Louvie

Staying overnight in a ‘cabane’ is the quintessential swiss hiking experience. Whilst in many parts of the world, mountain huts are extremely basic. You can expect cozy beds, hearty mountain food and a warm welcome in the Cabane de Louvie. Staying in a cabane allows you to really soak up the natural beauty of the Alps. It’s one thing to hike for a day in the mountains, but another experience entirely to be fully immersed in nature for a few days.

You will meet hikers from all around the world, with whom you can swap stories over dinner or a game of cards. The stunning remote locations, convivial atmosphere and authentic mountain cuisine make staying in a cabane an experience not to be missed!

The Cabane de Louvie

The classic Chamonix to Zermatt Haute route trek includes two nights in cabanes; the Cabane de Louvie and the Cabane de Prafleuri. On Alpenwild’s Haute Route tour, we reach the Cabane de Louvie on the fourth night of the trek. From Verbier, it’s a steep climb above the Val de Bagnes to reach the Cabane de Louvie. You’ll receive a warm welcome from Claudia who is the guardian of the hut.

The Cabane de Louvie was built in 1997 and is situated at a height of 2,230m on the shore of the beautiful Lac de Louvie. There are excellent views of the Grand Combin (4314m), one of the highest mountains in the Alps.

Travel light

The Cabane de Louvie provides blankets and pillows so that you don’t need to carry a sleeping bag. They also provide breakfast, dinner and packed lunch on request. The only additional things you will need to carry are a sleeping bag liner, spare change of clothing and some toiletries.

Read our packing list for a mountain hut stay in the Alps.

Hearty mountain food

After a hard day of hiking – the best part of staying in a cabane is the food! Whilst you shower and soak up the alpine views, the staff at the Cabane de Louvie are busy preparing wonderful, hearty mountain food. Dinner is served at 7pm and the communal dining room buzzes with the sound of hikers swapping stories from their travels. There is always plenty of food to go around and desert is often a traditional home baked apple pie.

cabane de louvie
The cabane de louvie is situated on the shore of the lac de louvie and is overlooked by the spectacular Grand Combin. Photo from the Cabane de Louvie website

Wildlife spotting

It’s not unusual to spot ibex, chamois and marmots scampering around near the Cabane de Louvie. These three species are all alpine specialists and some of the most common species you will see on the Haute Route. Although the views of the Grand Combin are so spectacular, don’t forget to look down as the cabane is also an excellent place to spot alpine flowers.

Read a blog by Alpenwild naturalist Simone Van Velzen on the difference between an ibex and a chamois.

Hike the Haute route without staying in a cabane

If staying in a cabane doesn’t appeal to you, Alpenwild offer an alternative Haute Route trek. On the deluxe haute route, we use private transfers to miss the two hut nights. Instead, we stay for two nights in a luxury boutique spa hotel in saint luc. This allows a well-deserved rest day in the spa.

Read about Alpenwild’s deluxe haute route.

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