Highlights of the Tour du Mont Blanc – Lac Blanc

Hike to Lac Blanc

The view from Lac Blanc is one of the most iconic in the Alps. Perched high above Chamonix at 2352m, the ‘white lake’ perfectly mirrors the entire Mont Blanc Massif. The Massif contains many of the highest mountains in Western Europe; Mont Blanc, the Grand Jorrasses and the Aiguille Verte to name but a few. They rise up majestically just across the valley from where you stand. It feels as though you could skim a stone across Lac Blanc to land amongst them.

The hike to Lac Blanc is typically the last day of the world-famous Tour du Mont Blanc Trek. The classic route starts at the Col de Montets and finishes at the Flegere cable car. Going this way affords views of Mont Blanc for the entire day and has a more gradual descent. For those short of time, it can also be hiked as a return journey from the cable car.

View from Lac Blanc at sunset
The Aiguille Verte and the Dru reflect perfectly in Lac Blanc at sunset. The Refuge du Lac Blanc is just visible on the left. Photo by Jennifer Stretton

How do I hike to Lac Blanc?

The usual way to hike to Lac Blanc is to start at the Col de Montets and hike up through the Aiguille Rouge National Park. The trail zig zags up and up to the atmospheric Lacs des Cheserys. From here Lac Blanc is reached by a final steep section which includes a couple of ladders. To descend, it’s best to take the trail South West to the Flegere cable car. You can pay for the cable car at the top (14.50 euros) which will take you down to Les Praz. From there you can get a bus to Chamonix. If you don’t take the cable car, then be prepared for a further 1000m of descent to the valley bottom.

Hiking up to Lac Blanc
One of our awesome Alpenwild guests, Newton Chu, making easy work of the steep section up to Lac Blanc in summer 2018. Photo by Jennifer Stretton

How to I get to the trail head?

Take the free valley bus to Montroc train station and then hike to the trail head at the Col de Montets. The trail starts behind the nature centre and winds up the hill side.

How long does it take to hike to Lac Blanc?

It takes between four to five hours to hike to Lac Blanc and then two hours down to the Flegere cable car. If you want to walk all the way down to Chamonix, add a couple more hours to the descent.

Lac des Cheserys
The Lac des Cheserys are also beautiful and worth visiting on your way up to Lac Blanc. Photo by Jennifer Stretton

Is there water on the trail?

There is sometimes a spring that runs half way up the hike to Lac Blanc but later in summer it is usually dry. You can fill up water running from the Lake, but as with any water source it is best to filter it before drinking.

What’s the best time of year to hike to Lac Blanc?

Lac Blanc is best hiked from June to the end of September. In winter it is completely covered in snow and only accessible on skis. Spring is a beautiful time of year to hike to Lac Blanc but only when the trail is clear of snow. The last section of the path is very steep and so dangerous when snowy. Autumn is also a lovely time of year, but be warned that the Flegere cable car usually closes around the 20th September.

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