Alpenwild: What We Do

“Alpenwild, I haven’t heard of you guys. What do you do?” was the number one question we got at the Boston Travel and Adventure Show. We do adventure travel in the Alps! This involves Alpine food, rail, hiking and trekking tours – all based in the Alps.

Hiking in Switzerland
Hiking at Fuorcla Surlej (2755 m), Upper Engadine, with Piz Tschierva and Piz Bernina in the background. Photo by Sonderegger

The Alps

The Alps are a range of mountains that cross eight different countries: France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia. We offer tours that touch each country except for Monaco, and Germany – WOW! Adventure tours in the Alps require physical activity. We have moderate or low impact tours, such as our food and rail tours. They involve one to two miles of walking per day. Our moderate to strenuous hiking tours include anywhere from one to eight miles of hiking per day and our strenuous trekking tours are six+ miles per day with difficult, technical terrain. (What is the difference between hiking and trekking tours you ask? Read more here.)

food tour
Come make break with Andre in the Alps on our Swiss Cuisine – French Inspired Food Tour! Photo by Robyn Damon.

What We Are Known For: Luxury Trekking

Let’s chat about luxury trekking. Imagine yourself in the back country of the Alps: Weather is unpredictable so you’ve packed gear for all sorts of weather from shorts for sunshine, a rain jacket, and a coat for the snow. Not to mention several pairs of socks, extra shoes or boots. Now don’t forget food and items to cook your meals – matches too. Add any flashlights and a tent with a sleeping bag you’d like, including personal care items. That sounds like you’ll be hauling a ton and the best views will include the trail before you. On an Alpenwild trek, you can just take water, gear needed for the day in a relatively light day pack because we’ll have your back when it comes to meals, luggage transfers and accommodations. That way, you can stand straight and soak in the sweeping alpine vistas and views.

Aiguilette des Possettes
Hiking along the Aiguilette des Possettes in the Chamonix valley on the Tour du Mont Blanc trek. Photo by Jennifer Stretton.

The Definition, Explained

Now, when we say luxury trekking, we’re talking about luxury trekking. Luxury all-inclusive resort in Cabo, Mexico, means 5-star treatment and endless massages as you sit in the sand – you could probably pay someone to carry you to and from the pool. When we say luxury trekking, we are talking about active travel where the adventure of trekking with strangers that become close friends over the hours, uninterrupted by technology and distractions. The luxury is relative and requires effort to enjoy the beauty of serene satisfaction after trekking all day on some of Earth’s most gorgeous trails.

We offer the highest quality, hand-picked, authentic back country alpine accommodations. Some with one of a kind low doorways (watch your head) and sleight roofs. (Sometimes the only accommodation within miles of another hut/inn/hotel has shared bathrooms  like Hotel Schwarzhorn on the Haute Route.) All accommodations are arranged for you through our personal relationships with the accommodation owner and operators. They offer delicious feasts, running and hot water, and a soft place to lay your head; whether in a hut on a mat right next to your new friends or in a private room in the inns and hotels along the way. These are certainly upgrades compared to sleeping on the ground with a rock in the wrong place under the unpredictable skies.

We’re known for a lot of other things… Did you know?

  • Backpacker magazine labeled the Via Alpina as “The world’s best hike!” We want to share it with you! 
  • Alpenwild is the only tour operator that offers food/cuisine adventures in Switzerland! Not only that, our food tours aren’t just a few hours long, they last for seven days. Talk about a truly immersive cuisine experience!
  • Our Scenic Alps by Rail visits nine different Swiss cities in 10 days! Gawk at the turquoise water of Lake Lucerne, experience the Italian cuisine in Ticino, stand in awe of the Matterhorn in Zermatt and on top of Gornergrat and more….

There you have it, now you know what we do – Alpine adventures, perfected. Our tours are ideal for adventurous souls! Our Alpenwild Tour Calendar is always available so don’t wait! Plan your next adventure in the Alps.If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (801)226-9026 or message us on our website.

See you in the Alps!

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  1. Tessa says:

    I can’t imagine trekking any other way. 🙂

    • alpenwild says:

      Tessa, we agree! There is a special adrenaline rush that comes on these types of treks! It is so refreshing! 🙂

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