Guided or Self-Guided? Find the Right Tour Type for You

self-guided or guided?


Alpenwild is the leader in active travel in the Alps. By the end of this article, you’re going to know which is the best vacation type for you: a guided or self-guided trip.


All of our guided tours are considered to be “all-inclusive” . The tour price you see on our website ( is the price you pay. The cost includes at least one guide, transportation, accommodations, meals, deluxe excursions, luggage transfers and more. 

You’ll notice that an Alpenwild self-guided trip is going to be significantly less per person than a comparable guided trip. This is due to the eliminated guide, food, excursion and transportation costs. Without a guide to pre-pay for everything as they do on a guided tour, there are more out-of-pocket expenses for a self-guided guest compared to a guided tour guest.


Guided tour schedules are set in place and only adjusted according to the guide’s discretion. Self-Guided tours are ideal for those who want greater flexibility and independence. As a self-guided guest, you can follow your own schedule and set your own pace. You can take a leisurely breakfast and get off to a later start. Hike at a fast pace on some parts of the trail and make time for an afternoon nap on an alpine meadow.You can’t do those things on a guided tour. Everyone in a guided tour group is up and out at the same time.

Itinerary Differences

Guests wonder what the differences are between a guided and self-guided itinerary. Know that Alpenwild’s self-guided itineraries are based on our guided itineraries. That way, you get to experience the same great locations with or without an expert to show you around.

Though Alpenwild’s self-guided itineraries are based on guided itineraries, they can still be customized. Because of our unique Alpine expertise, we are able to listen to what you want and propose the offerings we feel would be most appealing to you.

Tour Group Size

You’ll share the trail with a small group of just 6-12 guests on an Alpenwild guided tour. There’s a wonderful bonding and lifelong memories that you’ll make with like-minded adventure travelers. As a self-guided guest you can choose your travel companions. Let’s say you want a romantic getaway for two, quality time with the family, or a long-awaited reunion with a group of friends. You have complete control over who you share your vacation with.

The Ultimate Difference

Our guides are most often fluent in two or more languages and are natives in the respective tour areas. They have the local-intel and can share facts, stories, and point out wildlife a foreigner could not. From our experience, it seems that self-guided hikers have no fear of traveling in a foreign country, or ordering meals in a restaurant or dealing with potential language barriers, for example.

Take Your Pick

In conclusion, there is no right or wrong when picking between a guided or self-guided tour – pick the tour type that sounds most appealing to you based on the above mentioned points. Once you’ve decided which tour type is for you, visit our website or explore our self-guided tour options. We also have a self-guided Glacier Express rail option.

As always, if you don’t see an Alpine adventure that appeals to you, we have custom and private – guided options as well. Was this article helpful? What tour type do you prefer? We want to hear in the comments below.

See you in the Alps!


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