Guided versus Self-Guided Haute Route

Haute Route

One of our most commonly asked questions is: “What is the difference between a guided and a self-guided Haute Route trek?”

A Guided Trek

A guided tour can be a great option for those travelers who don’t want to have to worry about a thing. On an Alpenwild guided tour your trek is all-inclusive. Alpenwild office staff and mountain guides will take care of all the details from where and when to start the hiking all the way to where you’ll have dinner that night. Enjoy being in the outdoors without worries. But maybe you are the adventurous type and want to tackle the logistics on your own!

A Self-Guided Trek

Well then the self-guided is the trip for you. You’ll be given the tools you need to successfully complete the Haute Route. But you’ll be the one with the map, setting the pace, and ultimately calling the shots. We know you will love the Haute Route, regardless of whether you do it Guided or Self-guided!

Guided or Self-Guided Haute Route
What would be best for you? Maybe this info-graphic will help! Created by Jamie Cheney.
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  1. Fantastic!! This is a very informative article.

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